How A Dental Cleaning Can Improve Your Health

People often claim they brush and floss their teeth daily, yet question the importance and effectiveness of routine dental cleanings. While brushing and flossing are excellent ways to keep your teeth and gums healthy and clean, these practices cannot completely eliminate harmful bacteria. A professional examination is required because a dentist can see things on the teeth or gums that patients may miss at home.

Dentists have more advanced equipment to reach every crevice of your mouth and clear plaque, tartar, and stains. Regular dental clinic visits will help keep your teeth and gums clean and healthy. Your dentist may also offer recommendations to improve your oral hygiene routine at home.

What Happens At A Dental Cleaning With Miracle Dental?

Our dentist in Langhorne will begin by collecting some basic health and dental information to understand your needs and create a personalized treatment plan for you. 

Our dental experts will perform your dental cleaning using special tools that clear all the plaque and tartar from your teeth. Then, your teeth are then polished to remove any stains, and flouride treatment is provided to strengthen your teeth enamel.

Most of us are unaware of the fact that dental cleaning can boost overall health, wellbeing, looks, heart function, and more. A dental cleaning enhances health in a number of interesting ways, including:

Dr. Irina Frolov

Improving Your Look

Having your teeth cleaned regularly ensures that they stay healthy and keeps stains at bay. 

An unhealthy lifestyle and/or regular consumption of tea, coffee, sugary drinks, and tobacco can lead to discoloration of teeth that can dent your confidence at social gatherings and parties and have an adverse effect on the way you interact with others.

Dental cleanings can boost your confidence and freshen up your mouth’s look and feel, ensuring that you won’t hesitate to smile, laugh, eat, or open your mouth in public.

Detecting Oral Problems Before They Worsen

As your oral health affects the rest of your body, scheduling a teeth cleaning every six months can reduce your risk of tooth decay, gum disease, and other issues that compromise your oral health.

Before your dental cleaning, your dentist may ask for your medical history to evaluate your risk for injury and disease. Your dentist may be able to spot signs of cavities, osteoporosis, eating disorders, and even heart disease. 

They may perform an oral cancer screening so that any cancer is caught in an earlier stage than it otherwise would have been spotted. Early detection of dental issues helps in getting timely treatment and avoiding more expensive treatments later.

Preventing Tooth And Bone Loss

Regular cleaning of teeth can stop tooth loss. Losing teeth as a result of a periodontal or gum disease can lead to bone loss around the teeth and in the jaws. 

Dental bone loss occurs when the bone that surrounds and supports your teeth shrinks as a result of an infection or gum disease, leading to teeth becoming loose, moving, or spreading out. The bone surrounding your teeth can be regenerated through grafting to optimize bone support and keep your teeth in place. 

Since prevention is better than a cure, dental cleaning along with a healthy diet and lifestyle can keep your teeth and gums healthy and aid in prevention of bone loss.

Keeping Your Heart Healthy

Studies have revealed a strong tie between gum disease and cardiovascular diseases. Regular cleaning of the teeth decreases bacteria that causes inflammation and improves functionality of the blood vessels. Many within the oral health community believe inflammation within the gums triggers inflammation within the heart. 

Dental cleaning can greatly reduce the odds of gum disease and subsequent chances of heart attacks, strokes, blocked blood vessels, or other life-threatening heart conditions.

Freshening Your Breath

Excellent oral hygiene including dental cleaning at the dentist’s office helps combat tooth decay and keeps your mouth as healthy as possible and odor-free. Eating healthy, exercising, avoiding sugary drinks, and regular dental cleaning ensures your mouth has a lovely, natural scent.

Preventing Mental Distress

Your oral health can affect your mental health. When your oral health is suffering, it can decrease the quality of your life, or exacerbate mental health issues. Feeling embarrassed about the health of your teeth can trigger social anxiety and hurt your self-esteem.

Your oral health offers many clues to potential mental health issues. People with anxiety tend to grind their teeth and may experience jaw pain or TMJ issues. Reports even suggest that adults whose gums swell and bleed perform worse at memory tests than those with healthier gums.

Dentists aren’t just around to polish up your teeth. Believe it or not, they could be the first ones to identify and diagnose a mental health issue. 

Regular dental cleanings reduce your chances of getting cavities and gum disease significantly. Those who visit the dentist regularly are also less likely to need fillings or tooth extractions.

Two regular dental cleanings in a year greatly reduce the chances of needing more complex and expensive dental treatment later on. Most private health insurance plans cover a dental check-up and cleaning once every six months.

Skipping a dental cleaning might risk your health in the long run. At Miracle Dental, our highly trained and knowledgeable staff is dedicated to addressing any questions or concerns you may have. We provide customized dental solutions to ensure your safety and wellbeing.