Dr. Irina Frolov

    Meet Dr. Irina Frolov DDS

    Here’s a situation that comes up for many people: you move in later life. For most older adults, establishing a good working relationship with a new doctor is a challenge. If nothing else, it can take some time to feel that each party knows and understands the other. And they leave it to the new doctors to request health information from the previous doctors, which often arrives well after that first new patient visit. In this post, I’ll share my list of the most useful health information

    Irina was greatly inspired by her grandmother, who was also a dentist. She still has her grandma’s beloved tools of the trade. Ask her and she will show them to you with pride!

    Irina’s motto is “Listen carefully to your patients’ concerns.”.

    Irina is also very excited for her son, Alex, to join her practice next year.

    Irina has had many patients follow her from office to office until finding her home in Trevose. This is a special loyalty that not a lot of dentists might encounter in their careers. Dr. Frolov was even still treating her beloved patients during a leg injury involving nine grueling surgeries.

    Our office philosophy keeps patients at the center. We don’t just talk about this philosophy, we demonstrate it. We are not a factory; we know our patients by name! Dr. Frolov loves her work assisting others in saying goodbye to mouth pain and hello to the smiles they’ve always wanted.


    Her office slogan is “Modern dentistry in gentle hands.” The concept is not some marketing company’s creation, but her own. Dr. Frolov is constantly learning, and she has gained many formal certificates and acknowledgments along the way.

    Credentials and Certificates

    • PA Dental License
    • PA DEA License
    • NJ Dental License
    • NJ DEA License
    • Certificate of training in Cybella injections
    • Certification for child abuse and infection control
    • CDS Dentist NJ
    • Invisalign Certificate
    • Bioterrorism Certificate
    • AAFE Botox and fillers Certificate of Training
    • Juvederm Voluma XC Injection Training Certificate

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