Ceramic dental crowns

What are ceramic crowns?

Ceramic dental crowns are made of porcelain, like PFM crowns, and sometimes other ceramics as well. Unlike PFM, however, ceramic crowns do not contain any metal. They can perfectly resemble a natural tooth color while being durable enough to last for years or decades. If you visit Miracle Dental Center to receive a ceramic crown, Dr. Frolov will first take care of any infection or issues with the tooth. Next, she will take molds of the tooth so that a perfect match can be furnished for you before the next vi

A temporary crown will be placed which will remain on the tooth until your next appointment. You may need to avoid very hard or sticky foods for the week or so while you have the temporary crown. Finally, your permanent crown will be attached, giving you your new smile!

Are you ready for your new smile?

If you are interested in a ceramic crown, the expert team at Miracle Dental is available to help. Don’t hesitate to give us a call; schedule your appointment today by calling us at (267) 263-7284.

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