Meet Dr. Alex Tyurin DDS

    Meet Dr. Alex Tyurin DDS

    Dr Alex graduated from New York University College of Dentistry with distinct honors. He continued to attend specialty courses for implant surgery and endodontics.

    His drive and love for dentistry began at a young age working at the office of his mother, who is as well a licensed dental practitioner. There, Dr Alex watched at first hand the needs and desires of patients when they came into the practice.

    In result, he states “It’s a collaboration between old school and new school.”

    At the present time, Dr. Alex is always challenging himself to learn all the modern surgical techniques with state of the art technology.

    From implant to periodontal and laser surgeries, difficult endodontic procedures to retreating root canals, and full mouth cosmetic crown and/or veneer restorations that bring new smiles and beginnings to his patients’ lifestyles that drives him to become the best in his field.

    Dr. Alex enjoys personal training as used to compete for amateur body-building. He believes a stronger body leads to a better lifestyle and wiser health choices. He also enjoys networking with other dental specialists to discuss difficult patient cases that challenge him for constant continuing education.


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