The Benefits of Dental Implants for Long-Term Oral Health

Dental implants provide many long-term benefits when used to replace missing or broken teeth. These permanent tooth replacement options are securely fastened and meld with the jaw bone within a few months after the procedure. 

If you have been looking for missing teeth solutions that provide oral health improvement throughout the entire mouth, Philadelphia Dental Implants provide the solution that you need. 

Oral Health Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implant surgery can help improve dental health in multiple ways including:

  • Preventing future tooth loss. Teeth are held in place by their roots and surrounding teeth. When you lose teeth, surrounding teeth begin to cave in towards the gap, weakening the roots, and become loose. Dental implants correct this gap and keep existing teeth in place.
  • Improving oral hygiene. Missing teeth cause your other teeth to shift, and when teeth shift, they are more at risk for tooth decay because they provide more places for plaque and bacteria to hide. With dental implants from the Philadelphia dentist, you can avoid these issues with proper dental care. 
  • Improvement in gum health. Dental implants can improve your gum and bone health by preventing bone loss in the jaw, which reduces the chances of getting certain forms of gum disease by removing gaps where bacteria may form.
  • Providing a long lasting solution. Dental implants longevity means that your new teeth will last, giving you a teeth restoration solution for many years, possibly even permanently. 

Other Benefits of Dental Implants and Additional Considerations

Dental implants do more than just improve the health of your teeth, there are many other potential benefits including:

  • Better Nutrition. Having missing or damaged teeth can make it difficult to eat certain food and thus, can make it difficult to maintain a balanced diet. If you can only eat soft food because it causes you pain, you may miss out on protein and other vital nutrients. Dental implants restore your teeth and give you a strong bite so you can go back to eating all of your favorite food. 
  • Improved speech. Missing teeth and even the use of dentures can change your speech. Dental implants restore your teeth, allowing you to speak as you normally would before you had missing teeth or dentures. 
  • A better looking smile that gives you more confidence is one of the best dental implant benefits. With dental implants, you don’t have to hide your smile and can feel good with teeth that look and feel real. This can allow you to have the confidence to meet new people and speak publicly. 

When getting dental implants, there are always certain risks and side effects. Dental implant discomfort may occur after the procedure but usually subsides relatively quickly. Nerve damage and infection are rare but possible so be sure to discuss all of the risks and side effects with your dentist before the procedure.

Dental Implants at Miracle Dental Center

If you are tired of dealing with damaged or missing teeth and all of the issues that come along with it, dental implants from Miracle Dental Center can be the solution that you have been looking for. They also offer many other treatments in their comfortable dentist office where they strive to take the stress out of visiting the dentist. 

Miracle Dental Center is a full service dental center in the Philadelphia area staffed by excellent and reliable dental professionals who can take care of all your oral health needs. 

From regular check ups and dental cleanups to root canals and dental implant surgery, Miracle Dental Center can make your smile more vibrant and healthy.  If you need an emergency implant appointment or any other dental procedure, contact Miracle Dental Center today!