How Long Does Gingivoplasty Last?

Gingivoplasty is a typical in-office procedure which requires around an hour or two. 

The gingivoplasty procedure is a one-time deal treatment, meaning once the gum tissue is removed, it is not returning or growing back. Gum tissues do not reproduce. The process is a one-time office visit and can be done in 1 to 2 hours. The results of Gingivoplasty are long-term, although maintaining good oral care is necessary to keep the mouth in good and healthy condition.

What is gingivoplasty treatment?

Gingivoplasty is a gum contouring surgery for reshaping the gingiva or gum tissues around teeth to remove the irregularities and make gums look better.

This process of gum surgery is well-known as “gingival sculpting” and “gingival contouring.” There is a list of reasons for getting your gums reshaped; some of them are,

  • It can be done for cosmetic reasons , in order to make the gums look well and the smile more perfect.
  • In case when the gum has an overgrown tooth making, it looks like a broken or crooked tooth. Gingivoplasty can be done to remove the extra gums tissue.
  • Gingival diseases like gingival clefts, craters, and enlargements cause deformities, and periodontitis Gingivoplasty can be done to reduce such deformities and treat gum diseases.

However, in cases of gum diseases primarily, a gingivectomy is performed. The Dentist in Bensalem also prefers Gingivectomy for gummy smiles. However, Periodontitis gingivoplasty is a way of treating gum diseases when the non-surgical treatments do not work out.

Are gingivoplasty treatment results permanent?

The results are more or less permanent; if there is any other reason, the gums can be reshaped.

It is a process where the gingiva, well-known as gums, is appropriately shaped to correct the distortions. However, once the tissue of the gums is removed to fix the gummy smile, it won’t be able to return to its original form. As gums do not regrow, there is nothing a patient should be worried about.

The procedure followed during Gingivoplasty:

Periodontists perform Gingivoplasty in their respective offices. It is a one-time procedure and can be done in 1-2 hours. The techniques and tools may differ, but the practice of Gingivoplasty is followed.

  • The teeth of the patient will be utterly cleaned in order to retain the plaque that is still present in the gums.
  • To numb the gums, the periodontist uses local anesthetic.
  • The periodontist will shape them as per the shape of the teeth, and the periodontist will perform the removal of gum tissue.
  •  A dressing will be placed over the gum tissue by the periodontist.

This is how a periodontist fixes all the issues with gums, helps to get rid of a gummy smile and gives a perfect sparkling smile. The gingivoplasty before and after differences in gums can be visibly seen.

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