How Long Does Dental Bonding Last?

Dental bonding can typically last around 3 to 10 years and is used to fix chips, cracks, or gaps in the teeth. However, this duration can vary depending on various factors such as oral hygiene practices, oral habits (like nail biting or teeth grinding), diet, and the location of the bonding in the mouth.

The material used for dental bonding is a composite resin, a durable and tooth-colored material applied to the tooth surface and shaped to enhance its appearance. While composite resin is strong and can withstand normal biting and chewing forces, it is not as durable as other restorative materials like porcelain.

Therefore, tooth bonding is not considered a permanent dental solution, even though it does last long. 

How to ensure the longevity of tooth bonding?

To ensure the longevity of tooth bonding, there are several steps you can take:

  • Practice good oral hygiene: Brush your teeth twice daily and floss daily to prevent decay and maintain the bonding’s integrity.
  • Avoid hard objects: Refrain from biting on hard objects or using your teeth as tools to prevent chipping or damage.
  • Be mindful of your diet: Limit consumption of staining substances like coffee and tobacco to prevent discoloration of the bonding.
  • Wear a mouthguard: Protect your bonding during sports or activities that risk dental injury.
  • Address teeth grinding: If you grind your teeth, seek treatment to prevent excessive wear and damage to the bonding.
  • Attend regular dental check-ups: Visit your dentist for routine check-ups and cleanings to monitor the bonding’s condition and address any issues promptly.

By following these steps and maintaining good oral care habits, you can help ensure the longevity of your tooth bonding and keep your smile looking its best.

How To Know If Dental Bonding Requires Replacement?

Several signs may indicate that a dental bonding treatment requires replacement. Here are some signs to look for –

  1. Discoloration

Dental bonding can become stained or discolored over time, especially if you regularly consume foods and beverages prone to staining. Consider replacing the bonding if you notice significant discoloration that cannot be resolved with professional cleaning or teeth whitening.

  1. Chipping or cracking

Dental bonding is durable but not as strong as natural tooth enamel or other restorative materials. It can chip or crack due to trauma or wear and tear over time. If you notice any chips or cracks in the bonding material, it may require replacement to restore the aesthetics and functionality.

  1. A rough or uneven surface

As dental bonding ages, it may become rough or uneven, making it more prone to staining and plaque buildup. Additionally, a rough surface may be a sign of degradation or wear. If you feel roughness or unevenness when running your tongue over the bonding, it may be time to have it examined by your dentist.

  1. Sensitivity or discomfort

Dental bonding should not cause any persistent sensitivity or discomfort. If you experience pain or sensitivity when biting, chewing, or consuming hot or cold foods and beverages could indicate damage to the bonding or an underlying issue. Your dentist can evaluate the bonding and determine if replacement is necessary.

  1. Changes in appearance

Significant changes in the appearance of the dental bonding, such as a noticeable gap between the bonding and the natural tooth, may indicate that the bonding has shifted or degraded. This can affect both the cosmetic appearance and the function of the bonded tooth.

If you observe any of these signs or have any concerns about the condition of your dental bonding, you should schedule an appointment with your dentist.

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