Dental Implants In Bucks County

Dental implants are a permanent and realistic option for replacing missing teeth. Our dental implant and crown options can improve mouth function and reduce pain while looking totally natural. 

Our specialized dentist has years of experience in restoring smiles with dental implants. We provide a detailed consultation for implant surgery and top-notch aftercare to ensure our patients get fantastic results. 

With our Bucks county dental implants and more, we always aim to provide outstanding care and comfortable treatments. You can also count on us for virtually all your dental care needs at Miracle Dental Center.

Restore Your Smile With Bucks County Dental Implants

Missing or damaged teeth can be distressing. And when it comes to your facial aesthetics, our culture dictates that teeth matter quite a lot. We all know that a great smile looks attractive, but it’s not just the clearly “cosmetic” dental work that can make you look and feel better. In fact, restoring missing teeth with dental implants in Bucks County is an often-overlooked way to appear more youthful, as well as prevent a chain reaction of other teeth and mouth issues. 

Whether your missing teeth are due to injury, other trauma, or tooth decay, dental implants provide a natural-looking and permanent solution. Not to mention, a high-quality dental implant from an experienced dentist in Bucks County can make nagging mouth pain a thing of the past.

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Dental Implants In Bucks County

What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is the best tooth replacement option available to dentistry. Dental implants are made of titanium, a metal that is safe for the body and will not cause any allergic reactions.

In a Bucks County dental implant procedure, a missing tooth is replaced with a natural-looking implant in the jaw. After healing, the implant functions as a normal tooth would, from root to tip.

How does a dental implant differ from veneers?

Unlike surface-level changes such as veneers or dental crowns, dental implants are placed inside the jaw to function like real teeth. These implants can be used to replace one, multiple, or even an entire row of missing or damaged teeth.

How is a Bucks County dental implant procedure performed?

Bucks County dental implants are performed in two stages. First, the implant is placed in the jawbone. The implant fuses with the bone and, gradually, new tissue grows around it. The process can take several months. After the implant heals, an artificial tooth is surgically attached to the implant.

Benefits of dental implants in Bucks County

Unfortunately, missing teeth can cause a host of problems. In addition to the obvious drawbacks of making chewing and eating difficult, inefficient, or even dangerous, missing teeth will lead to a lack of structural support in the mouth.

This slowly causes surrounding tissue to shrink or deteriorate. Even just a single tooth implant in Bucks County can impact how your face looks and ages. 

In addition, someone that has missing teeth in one area will inevitably chew more on one side of the mouth. This can contribute further to an uneven or asymmetrical jaw over time. However, with high-quality dental implants in Bucks County, PA optimal dental health can be restored.

Dental Implants Before and After

Before Dental Implants- 

Having a tooth missing for any length of time can be stressful. After all, gaps in your smile can hinder frequent daily activities like eating and speaking, in addition to affecting your confidence. Following are some more issues that can result:

  • You may hesitate to smile in front of others when you have a missing tooth, which further affects your mood and self-esteem.
  • Your jaw may begin to shrink when a tooth root is gone, causing the neighboring teeth to drift and become crooked.
  • Food may easily become lodged in the spaces between teeth, making it harder to clean and maintain good dental hygiene. This can eventually have a significant impact on your total-body health.

Luckily, high-quality dental implants can provide a permanent solution for one or more missing teeth.


After Dental Implants –

Dental implants don’t just fix the spaces left from missing teeth, they prevent further problems down the road. Best of all, since they perform like natural teeth, you can resume enjoying your life to the fullest.

  • Dental crowns are natural in appearance. Once they’re fixed onto the dental implant, no one (including you) can tell the difference!
  • The titanium post of a dental implant functions like the root of a natural tooth. Since the post is installed in the jawbone, it strengthens the jaw, preventing bone loss.
  • You’ll be able to eat and talk as you would prior to the missing tooth (or teeth).

Dental implants can be life-changing. Having the ability to speak, smile, and eat normally again can immensely improve a person’s quality of life.

Talk a dentist about dental implants in Bucks County

Dental implants could be the permanent solution for missing teeth that you have been waiting for. They can be used to replace one tooth or many teeth, depending on what is needed for your unique situation and preferences. 

If you want to talk to a knowledgeable dentist about dental implants, then book an appointment at Miracle Dental. Our professionals’ combined decades of experience ensure that your dental health will be in great hands. Call us now!

There is no maximum age for receiving dental implants, as long as the jaw and gums are in good condition. Full mouth rehabilitation procedures are available to adults as old as 80, however dentists do not place implants in children under 18.

One of the biggest benefits of dental implants is that you can eat normally after they are fully healed.

The dental implant itself should not need to be replaced. However, the crown on top of the implant will most often need to be replaced every 10-15 years.