Dental Crowns In Bucks County

Dental Crowns in Bucks County,

If you’re seeking dental crowns in Bucks County to restore your smile, our professionals at Miracle Dental are available for consultation. Our experienced team is always prepared to manage any case, whether you need a single crown placed or full-mouth restoration.

Dental crowns are a restorative solution for defects of an individual tooth. Dental crowns are made of porcelain, which mimics the natural texture and appearance of a natural tooth. These crowns have many advantages including durability, stain resistance, and bacterial resistance as porcelain is non-porous. As long as overall oral hygiene is maintained, the crown(s) will stay healthy and intact long-term.

Professionals at Crown Dental in Bucks County are available for consultation if you are considering if a dental crown is ideal for you. We will always be here to suggest the best treatment based on your personal health goals.

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Although crowns can be made of different materials such as gold or various other metals, porcelain crowns offer distinct advantages and are overall the superior choice.

Dr. Irina Frolov

  •   Natural Appearance – Porcelain has the best and closest appearance in terms of aesthetics to natural tooth enamel. It has a perfect balance of transparency and luster to restore that beautiful smile of yours!
  •     Comfort – Unlike metal and metal alloy crowns, porcelain crowns are shaped according to your own measurements and built for the exact fit. Also, the texture of porcelain is nearly indistinguishable from our own teeth, so it will immediately feel natural.
  •     Aesthetics – Porcelain crowns won’t stand out or look artificial due to their similarity to natural teeth. In addition, porcelain crowns have the special advantage of being able to be color-adjusted to match the exact tint, shade, and color of your own teeth. Porcelain is also non-porous and stain-resistant, which means a consistently white smile.

It is always important to contact the best dentist around you to find out if dental crowns are suitable for you. If any of your teeth are decaying, damaged, or deteriorating but still unbroken, a crown might be the right decision

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