Crown Lengthening


Whether it’s due to genetics, tooth decay, or previous dental work, sometimes a tooth can appear very small. A crown lengthening procedure can lengthen the existing tooth and create a larger surface for a permanent crown to adhere to. Additionally, it can provide improved oral hygiene while reducing a “gummy” smile.

At Miracle Dental, our care team can create a customized treatment for you. If you are to receive a crown lengthening, it will likely be performed as outpatient surgery, so you would return home after the procedure.

Dr. Irina Frolov

If a crown lengthening is determined to be appropriate for your needs, you will most likely receive local anesthesia for the procedure. During crown lengthening, excess gum and sometimes bone tissue is removed. Afterward, the gums are closed back up and sometimes a bandage is placed.

Crown Lengthening

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